Friday, January 1, 2010

Venture into 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Last night my lovely wifey, Miss Shannon called me from Paris at midnight (her time aka 6pm NY time) - which was magical because I was still in 2009. Do you understand the magic of the situation? She was already in 2010! I asked her if she needed anything back in 2009 or if she had forgotten to do or get something but she declined, deciding instead to go full steam into the new year. No, she is not a boat. Anyway, I'm glad the new year has begun although I have yet to decide what resolutions I'll be making...

I'd also like to point out that the televised version of NYE 2010 at Times Square (congrats to Nivea and Toshiba for the amazing marketing schemes btw) has become less and less PG-13 as they continue to show couples making out for the camera because awww it's so cute we're on TV and it's new year's! Um, no. I do not want to watch you tongue your girlfriend on television while I'm trying to enjoy drinking too much champagne with some old friends. Although, I must admit, making fun of you doing so is a wonderful and hilarious distraction to the fact that you at least got up and went out. Although, I had an amazing time with the gummy bear war and champagne-pong galore (WOOOT I see rhyming is BACK in 2010).

P.S. As part of my NYE outfit, I got cuffs! As in wonder-woman. As in amazing! So very fun to wear - I felt like someone could be shooting an AK-47 at me and I would be able to deflect each and every bullet with my wrist-eye coordination. Boom!

Let the games begin!

I'd like to know how they're going to make 2011 glasses...

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  1. "No. No. I think it's weirder for you because you're in the past and I'm in the future and I've already been in the past whereas you haven't been in the future yet. definitely weirder for me."


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