Monday, January 11, 2010

Lila Horn part deux

Ok, back to LH. Totally my initials, by the way, hence why I love the above picture-by-Kevin-Colombu so much.

I already showed you the skirts (demonstrated, even!) but alas, we are not on The Price is Right, so it's back to plain old photo-of-the-stuff time. Above are some more patterns available for the Super Skirt - all discreetly colorful with a bit of chic luster in each.

Now. Moving on to the scarves. All made in stunning, bright colors with bold patterns for an elegant effect around the neck. Ooh, that almost rhymed. We bought the grey one (that's sandwiched between two red ones in the below photo).

I do love the sparkly striped ones - trés festive! - and the green and red pon-pon ones, which look great draped loosely on the shoulders.

Every one of them is beautifully reminiscent of the Indian culture and demonstrates the amazing craftsmanship of the country's talented workers, which is what Lila Horn accentuates in each item and fabric they choose. I want them all!

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  1. I love the fabrics and I love the Indian aesthetic in general. beautiful stuff on this blog!


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