Monday, January 25, 2010

safely pinned

So I was on SeaofShoes last night, doing the rounds as they say (only in our 21st century life this pertains to a much different and more technologically adept stratosphere also known as the blogosphere), when I noticed an absolutely phenomenal jacket (above) she calls the Moschino safety pin jacket (see the post about Hanna Bernhard). HOWEVER, I've been googling and binging and yahooing to no avail. I cannot find the beauty that is this jacket. What I have found are still beautiful, but not quite the same. First is the jacket that is not as long and much more pinny:

Then, is the dress - a little too long but still stunning:

Do you know what her jacket is called?

Interestingly enough, what I have found on the world wide webosphere are lots and lots of DIY projects inspired by the Moschino safety pin creations. So I guess that's just what I'll have to do! Stay tuned... :)

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