Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re: Moschino

I did it! Yehhhh! Well, it wasn't quiiite that hard, but it took patience and a long back stretch sesh afterwards. Being hunched over like that for so long is not the best posture - Mikhail Baryshnikov would not approve. At first, I couldn't decide whether or not to use the gold - I was convinced that silver on grey (gray? damnit!) was the best, but I only bought two boxes of safety pins and was therefore sort of forced to use some of the gold ones to fill in the spaces that needed a couple extra. I think it came out well, although the pins are a slight bit heavy and make the wrap droop, but I've decided that: a. the wrap is supposed to be drappy-droopy and b. it will probably take me forever to take them all off and then reapply them to an article of clothing with more structure, so that project will have to wait. Also, I like the way this looks. I like the way this looks. I like the way this looks. Right? Ok, smile and nod...

Safety pins: $1 per box, Dollarama (aka. HEAVEN)

P.S. For you francophones out there, please note that Quebecois call safety pins "epingles de surete"! hihi!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lila Horn part five

We're almost there! There are only a couple more photos to EXPOSE to you - ooh la la! These are a couple more from the Lila Horn trunk show back in December - the jewelry was exquisite; all beautifully handcrafted from India. Gold, silver and bright colors galore!

Photos of my favorite piece (that I highly regret not getting because I legiterally (!) dream about them at night) coming up soon...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

things to look at

A mirror at home - one of those mistake-pictures-that-turn-out-surprisingly-nicely.

I love these two dresses - the white one is a bit too short for my personal taste, but I adore the open front.

Another streetbot! - on a wall this time - found downtown NYC, near Delancey.

On my coffee cup - made me laugh and blush at the same time. :)

Peter Ammentorp Lund

He's a Danish artist who makes some sick stuff. Such as the video below.

I first heard of him via Geekologie, who spoke very highly of his photoshopped Avatar video. So blue da ba dee da ba dOPE.

THIS is his vimeo profile, check out other vids. (I've started abbreviating vids, pics, and tics, btw, get used to it.)

Intern at Ogilvy NY - Episode I from Peter Ammentorp Lund on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lila Horn part quatro!

What's in the cute pouch made of exquisite Indian fabric? Continue to see... :)

I love this bracelet - too bad it was given to my sister!

Keep checking the Lila Horn blog for more stuff! I'm almost done with my expose... but alas, do not fear, more jewelry is here! (stay tuned...)

Monday, January 25, 2010

safely pinned

So I was on SeaofShoes last night, doing the rounds as they say (only in our 21st century life this pertains to a much different and more technologically adept stratosphere also known as the blogosphere), when I noticed an absolutely phenomenal jacket (above) she calls the Moschino safety pin jacket (see the post about Hanna Bernhard). HOWEVER, I've been googling and binging and yahooing to no avail. I cannot find the beauty that is this jacket. What I have found are still beautiful, but not quite the same. First is the jacket that is not as long and much more pinny:

Then, is the dress - a little too long but still stunning:

Do you know what her jacket is called?

Interestingly enough, what I have found on the world wide webosphere are lots and lots of DIY projects inspired by the Moschino safety pin creations. So I guess that's just what I'll have to do! Stay tuned... :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I heart NY

Just a couple pictures of some cool street art/advertisement/stickermania around NYC, for your distraction.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

a Leica Gallery adventure

Here's one of those my-friend's-boyfriend's-mom's-sister's-aunt's-milkman-said-stories for you. My friend and I were with her brother's friend's friend who is now his friend from Shanghai. She has decided that she wants to visit all the Chinatowns so we brought her to the New York City version. It was a short excursion through rows of fake David Yurman bracelets and gentlemen in hoodies whispering "Rolex, DVD, Prada bags". When we got to Broadway we decided to go up towards Soho where we did some window shopping and had a bite to eat at so many French-New Yorker's favorite L'Orange Bleue. We continued up towards 14th street to hop back on a metro, when we walked by the Leica Gallery and decided to take a peek. First off, the gallery itself is quite the quaint locale - it's one small winding room with an exposed brick area and lots of white space filled with bold photography created using Leica cameras. We got to see the Dutch expo by Carlos Rene Perez, a New York based fine art photographer. There were some extraordinary photos that were very realistic - lots of angry, toothy cats (weirdly enough) - and some amazing lighting effects. There were some great black-and-white ones as well. If you can, you should check it out - it's free! :)

Lila Horn part three

I thought I'd bring to you today some more beauty from Lila Horn. Below is the mannequin with a cute ensemble and beneath that some of the shopping bags that the lovely ladies give you your merch in. Beautiful and reusable!

Below is a small glittery pouch with some sort of sultan figure on it - perfect for make-up or jewelry or something. Made of plastic I think, so it's quite waterproof - not that I would shower with said sultan but you get my meaning.

Very fun and very charitable - good things for good causes.

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