Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grey, but far from drab

I have found a new obsession. Actually, let me start from the beginning : a friend of mine told me that hands are a huge part of first impressions. Embarassed, I curled my fingers inwards and into my pockets, realizing the truth in this statement. I swore to myself that I would get my nails together. I am now proud to present myself as a former nail biter - no longer do I worry about the stubby awkward tips that used to be. There's even a significant amount of white on each one! Ah, the beauty of self-control. Now, I ponder how long this will last but I've discovered the perfect way to extend (pun... sort of intended?) the duration of this feature: nail polish. I've been removing, redoing, layering, coloring and testing different colors and this has proven to be quite effective in the maintenance of them. Annnnnnyway, getting to the point: my new obsession is neutral colors, or more specifically speaking, grey. Gray? How are we supposed to spell that nowadays? I say "po-tay-toe", you say "po-tah-toe", I guess. I'm going to go with the "e" spelling. Grey is the perfect color because it can be dark without being too drab and it's stylish at the same time - especially in a lighter, more matte version. I saw that Steph, over at Steph's Closet did a nice expose, if you will, on the color - HERE - with some great photos that demonstrate the grey sphere nicely. Revlon makes a nice gray, called "Steel-etto"; OPI's "Give me the Moon!" is very cool too; I also love Essie as a general nail polish provider (their great grays are called "Over The Top" "Steel-ing the Scene" and "Loophole") but my favorite is Rescue Beauty Lounge's "Concrete Jungle". I wish I had some great pictures of nail swatches, but I guess that will have to wait a tid bit. Above is the infamous Pollock, featuring lots and lots of grey, so that'll just have to do! I also think that grey is a great color for the transition from winter to spring - go dark to light and you're all set! FYI, below is what I'm wearing now - the photo doesn't do justice to the bluish grey (makes it look wayyy darker than it really is) by Flare from Urban Outfitters, but I love the color!

Song of the day: "Black and Gold" by Sam Sparro

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  1. I'm intrigued by grey polish though I haven't tried it myself yet. I'm planning on getting 'You Don't Know Jacques' by OPI and seeing how I like it.



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