Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fit for a king

La Galette des Rois is French. I am half French. Therefore, project!

Today, my mother and I made one (and a half) in celebration of the January tradition, commemorating the Epiphany. Now, our family is far from being religious, but when a celebration involves delicious and sweet treats, we're in.

The filling is usually a frangipane, which we sort of cheated by blending the butter, sugar and almonds.

Flattening out the phyllo dough.

Making sure to carefully seal and crimp the edges.

Our extra phyllo dough went into making a baby galette, which exploded in the oven. It was still tasty though.

A little egg wash on top to goldenize it.

Bing bang boom 30 mins in the pipin' hot oven.

THE fรจve. A.K.A. a cool button found in our for-all-the-buttons-and-random-small-objects-we-will-probably-never-need-bowl.

Who will be king tonight? (Well, actually that's not really hard to figure out because it's always my dad, amongst three girls), but WHO WILL HE CHOOSE TO BE HIS QUEEN? That's a fight we will have to sort out after dinner.


  1. i want a picture of the "all-the-buttons-and-random-small-objects-we-will-probably-never-need-bowl".


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