Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lila Horn OK Please

The next few posts will be about Lila Horn, a brand that creates clothing, trinkets, scarves, jewelry and many other beautiful accessories from the craftsmanship of local artisans in developing countries.

"At Lila Horn we make globally inspired clothes that look smashing while doing good. We combine distinctive patterns, textures and techniques from around the world with energized forms and flattering fits from home. Working in developing countries with rich textile traditions, we hope to simultaneously strengthen local artisans and infuse our clothes with personality. We are excited to introduce unique, cool clothes to our friends while engaging them in the traditions we found so inspiring during our travels."

Basically, they're two amazing girls who help create and distribute the work of other amazing men and women from around the world. I was fortunate enough to have been able to go to the trunk show in NYC last month and get a couple of Lila Horn-aments.

First, I'll show you the sparkling skirt. Super comfortable, POCKETS (a must for me, personally - I never know where to put my hands, I feel like it's wrong to have them flailing awkwardly at my sides, or at least I bet they would flail awkwardly if I didn't insist on everything having pockets). Anyway, it has pockets, which is perfect. I also love the fact that the pattern of the skirt makes the waist band part look braided - such a lovely coincidental detail! If you're wondering, the second one (slightly lighter colors, circular pattern) is not mine, although I would've loved to have gotten two! It's Jessica's and she looks amazing in hers too - because I know I look better than a beauty queen on prom night. Also, it has the slightest bit of golden sparkle in the zig-zag pattern, which was wonderful for my New Year's Eve celebrations! I paired it with the double-cuffs + some black boots = grand old time!

More LH to come soon!

Obsessong of the day: Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (this girl has got some serious personal flare)

oh P.S. Mom won the button in the Galette des Rois yesterday. Guess who got to be King? Congrats, dad (as every year)!


  1. Stunning images my love! When I first saw your icon picture, I was curious to know if it was really you or some model. What a delightful surprise to see that it is really you and of course, 10x more beautiful in person. I'm adding you to my blog roll. Beauty needs appreciation.

  2. The skirt looks so nice, such a precious looking material
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

  3. your skirt is absolutely one of the best i have seen lately!!! I didn't know this brand.. thanks for sharing!!

  4. @Queen of Hearts: thanks so much for your lovely comment! tres complimentary, you made me BLUSH!

    @Rianna: and it's comfy too! it's got a white satin lining, which makes it super flowy :)

    @maria: i'm glad you like it! feel free to check out their blog ( and/or contact them if you'd like one for yourself! :)


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