Saturday, January 23, 2010

a Leica Gallery adventure

Here's one of those my-friend's-boyfriend's-mom's-sister's-aunt's-milkman-said-stories for you. My friend and I were with her brother's friend's friend who is now his friend from Shanghai. She has decided that she wants to visit all the Chinatowns so we brought her to the New York City version. It was a short excursion through rows of fake David Yurman bracelets and gentlemen in hoodies whispering "Rolex, DVD, Prada bags". When we got to Broadway we decided to go up towards Soho where we did some window shopping and had a bite to eat at so many French-New Yorker's favorite L'Orange Bleue. We continued up towards 14th street to hop back on a metro, when we walked by the Leica Gallery and decided to take a peek. First off, the gallery itself is quite the quaint locale - it's one small winding room with an exposed brick area and lots of white space filled with bold photography created using Leica cameras. We got to see the Dutch expo by Carlos Rene Perez, a New York based fine art photographer. There were some extraordinary photos that were very realistic - lots of angry, toothy cats (weirdly enough) - and some amazing lighting effects. There were some great black-and-white ones as well. If you can, you should check it out - it's free! :)

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