Monday, June 30, 2014

Karlie Kloss By Henrique Gendre For Vogue Brazil July 2014

model: karlie kloss
photographer: henrique gendre @ sdmgmt
stylist: luis fiod
hair and make-up: max weber

Ground Control: Emma Champtaloup By Rory Payne For Wallpaper July 2014

model: emma champtaloup @ viva
photographer: rory payne
stylist: verity parker @ jedroot
hair: nao kawakami
make-up: jenny coombs @ streeters

Miami Nice: Lily Aldridge By Derek Kettela For Glamour France July 2014

model: lily aldridge @ img
photographer: derek kettela @ brydgesmackinney
stylist: nora bordjah
hair: andre gunn @ brydgesmackinney
make-up: valery gherman @ art-dept

Linde And Diana Moroz By Akinori Ito For Spur August 2014

models: linde derickx @ wizard and diana moroz @ bravo
photographer: akinori ito @ aosora
stylist: natsuko kaneko
hair: kenichi @ eightpeace
make-up: yuki @ m0

See By ChloƩ: Irina Denisova And Grace Simmons By Takao Sakai For Spur August 2014

models: irina denisova @ bravo and grace simmons @ bravo
photographer: takao sakai @ aosora
stylist: tomoko iijima
hair: odo
make-up: mariko shimada @ takahashi

Arty Strokes: Eniko Mihalik By Markus Pritzi For Narcisse 'Time' #2

Model: Eniko Mihalik @ ElitePhotographer: Markus Pritzi @ ShotviewStylist: Azadeh Zoraghi
Hair: Maxime Mace @ CallisteMake-up: Topolino @ Calliste

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