Sunday, February 28, 2010

Neon Lights

Craig A. Kraft.

Framed neon by Porenstein.

Neon lights are very bright. They are also very pliable and can be molded into any shape (such as the magnificent neon pink flamingo above) and any letter (even the @ sign - which, interestingly enough, does not have a grammatically correct correspondent word; it's just called the "at sign" (although some have tried - and failed - to make "asperand" or "monkey tail" the general consensus)). I plan on having a couple in my home but have yet to decide in what shape. If you decided to go for lettering or - even more daring - wording, you must choose the right letters and/or words - so many give off the wrong impression. For example, if you put up your own initials, plug them in and light them up, you are a conceited imbecile. If you wire in the word "Love" or "Peace", you become the fake hippie i.e. hipster who thinks this is the "cool" way to show that they care about the world. ish. Either way, I like them and I plan on finding the perfect technique to both not looking like a pretentious idiot and having some sweet lighting fixtures.

Some plain, long neon bulbs standing in the corner at my brother's apartment in Paris. Tres cool.

Sweet fixtures.

Neon in Las Vegas, NV.

Holland's Interior Adventures for Real, launched in Milan circa 2007.

"Homographies" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Chandelier VII by Yuichi Higashionna

Bones by Fiona Banner.

USB key if you can believe.

Design at the Diesel store in NYC.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alexander Wang X Linda Farrow


Love these sunglasses - vintage inspired oversized shadez by Linda Farrow for Alexander Wang. Coming to a store near you! ($365 for the zipperz and $325 for the copper cat eyez) - check more out HERE.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out

Versace circa 2009 feat. Kate Moss & Gisele

Today, I started my new internship. So much fun dressing up models and got to check out some amazing clothing. One thing caught my eye and led me to some serious Googling - it was a long sleeved v-neck blouse with small heart cut-outs on the sleeves and around the bottom hems.

Therefore, hearts.

Cut-out, printed, collaged, meshed, shaped, big, small and in-between.
I love them! On pockets, on dresses, on tops, on bottoms! So much love is in the air!

Featherston for Target

Luelle S/S 2010 & Fred Flare

Reko for ASOS

Italian Linen

Freaky, but kind of cool? Can't decide...

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs x2

Chanel circa 2009

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Fendi window shopping - $tunning

I love the color deemed "nude". Beige, cream, very off-white, nude. This applies to everything right now, too - dresses, sweaters, blazers, pants, shoes and nails. I'm obsessed.

It all started when I saw the windows at Saks gleaming with Fendi's nude collection. When I got home I went on a beige induced frenzy! Below is the result of some serious Saks and other web browsing and dreaming.
It's so clean-looking and fresh. Simple and chic!

Metropolitan Leather ankle boots by J.Crew - $265

One-button boyfriend jacket by Chloe - $2, 320

Belted Chevron-Print Mini Dress by Dior - $4, 800

Linen/Cupro Skort Dress by Araks - $1, 125

Scoopneck Jumpsuit by Alexander Wang - $420

Chevron Illusion Mini Dress by Herve Leger - $3, 900

Draped-Front Silk Twill Mini Dress by Fendi - $1, 670

Sleevless Tricolor Dress by Fendi - $1, 315

Elysee Trenchcoat by Moncler - $800
Ballerine BB by Repetto - $175

Tickle My France-y by O.P.I - $7.32

Natalia Mary Jane Slingback Pumps by Fendi - $770

Camden Leather Brogues by J. Crew - $250

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Wonderland pt. 2

Part 2 out of 3 of the pre-footprinted aftermath of Snowpocalypse.

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