Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

(Andy Warhol's I Love You Heart - c. 1984)

ok fiiine, Happy Valentine's Day...

I'd like to share with you all the magic of the We Are The World 25 for Haiti video, performed by so many powerful voices. Celine Dion sets me free - her voice is like two unicorns prancing in a prairie full of rainbows. Not as magical, however, is the when the video switches to auto-tune and rap. I understand the need to re-vamp and modernize the song, but I just had to giggle when Lil' Wayne, Akon, T-Pain (and his backpack), LL Cool J, Snoop D-oh-double-G, Will.I.Am etc... vocoded their voices, rapping the pain away. I also want to point out the presence of Enrique, which rocked my time socks right off. I feel like these philanthropic charity songs where so many celebrities sing are very competitive - each singer is alloted only about one line of the song, so they really want to strut their stuff to make it the best, most powerful part. This is obviously logical, but I think its great at the same time because all of the best vocals are combined to make one damn impressive song. A.K.A. Way to belt it out, Miley. P.S. Adam Levine = GOD slash I want him to be my Valentine.

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