Saturday, February 6, 2010

H. Williams

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Heather Williams at work the other day. She used to be the senior designer at Calvin Klein footwear. It was more like "Wow - you're shoes are ridiculously amazing!", to which she responded "Thanks! I design them, you should stop by the showroom; it's right next door!" Ok, that many exclamation points probably isn't necessary, but I felt the enthusiasm run through my veins! Anyway, she told me that she moved to Milan a couple years ago to study the Italian shoe and handbag craftsmanship, which triggered her new eponymous solo venture, H. Williams. I have yet to check out the showroom, but she gave me her card and I went to the website in the meantime. I love the zippered stilettos (she was wearing the purple suede cut outs above) and the little leather booties are fabulous!

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