Sunday, February 28, 2010

Neon Lights

Craig A. Kraft.

Framed neon by Porenstein.

Neon lights are very bright. They are also very pliable and can be molded into any shape (such as the magnificent neon pink flamingo above) and any letter (even the @ sign - which, interestingly enough, does not have a grammatically correct correspondent word; it's just called the "at sign" (although some have tried - and failed - to make "asperand" or "monkey tail" the general consensus)). I plan on having a couple in my home but have yet to decide in what shape. If you decided to go for lettering or - even more daring - wording, you must choose the right letters and/or words - so many give off the wrong impression. For example, if you put up your own initials, plug them in and light them up, you are a conceited imbecile. If you wire in the word "Love" or "Peace", you become the fake hippie i.e. hipster who thinks this is the "cool" way to show that they care about the world. ish. Either way, I like them and I plan on finding the perfect technique to both not looking like a pretentious idiot and having some sweet lighting fixtures.

Some plain, long neon bulbs standing in the corner at my brother's apartment in Paris. Tres cool.

Sweet fixtures.

Neon in Las Vegas, NV.

Holland's Interior Adventures for Real, launched in Milan circa 2007.

"Homographies" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Chandelier VII by Yuichi Higashionna

Bones by Fiona Banner.

USB key if you can believe.

Design at the Diesel store in NYC.

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