Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl XLIV Ad Watch

Watching the Superbowl as we speak. As you read what I write/ what I type.

I'm actually watching the commercials, which seem to be the QB of the entire event because there's more of them than game time. I love the ads, though, they're so creative and funny and encompass what the NFL deems is "to be a man" - beer, doritos, chicks and football. YEAH! LOUD GRUNTING NOISES!

My favorite so far (and we're not even at half time) is the Budweiser commercial that's a spoof of Lost. It's not up on YouTube quite yet but be sure to check it out. Basically, they're all on the island right after crashing and the Evangeline Lilly look-a-like explains that she's found a way to get off the island, but then another survivor says he's found the plane's fridge and it's full of Bud Light - everyone rushes to him (and the beer) and a huge island party ensues.

Stuart Elliot over at the NYTimes is liveblogging the "Superbowl ad watch: blogging the commercials" - he's written about some of the more controversial spots (i.e. the anti-abortion one we've all been waiting to see); you should definitely check it out HERE.

Oh p.s. an interesting Time photo essay about the making of Superbowl footballs.

I can't WAIT to watch The Who at half-time! Therefore, the song of the hour is The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (this is the CSI: Miami theme song and the Superbowl is taking place in Miami - coincidence? I think not!)

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  1. GREAT! can't wait to see on YouTube what was happening as I SLEPT... no super bowl for me thanks but seeing the ads afterwards? yes, absolutely. Thank heaven for blogs ( like this one) and YouTube!


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