Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Advertological Note

When I first saw the Diamond Shreddies commercial (above) back in 2008, I thought it was ingenious and hilarious and definitely memorable - three aspects of advertising I find imperative. Interestingly enough, this campaign won the 2008 Grand Clio Award for Integrated Campaign. Then I watched Rory Sutherland's TED talk about advertising (below), wherein he explained that this campaign was created by Hunter Somerville (an intern at the time) for Ogilvy and Mather Canada.

As he explains in the video, this is the perfect case of "creating intangible added value without changing the product in the slightest. [...] All it requires is photons, neutrons, and a great idea." I completely agree - what an inventive idea and so simple, too!

However I cannot bore you with my appraisal of advertising ingenuity and will continue on with the complainathon.

Recently, Cottonelle released a very similar ad campaign (below) called the Roll Poll, in which they ask everyday people to contact them (internet, text message etc...) and tell them which way they roll their toilet paper - over or under? They are renewing the brand without changing a thing about it - another great idea with less cost. Now, I can't seem to put my finger on whether or not I like this campaign - and it very well could have to do with my being faithful to the original Diamond Shreddies, but I can't seem to make up my mind. Is is funny and a good debate or is it illegitimate and silly?

Great minds think alike?

Song of the day: Alizee - Limelight


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  2. Merci! What an honor from such a great eye! :)


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