Monday, March 1, 2010

Buffalo Exchange

My sister found out about this magical cave of wonders and told me (and our massive amount of unused clothes) about it. We decided to give it a go. Basically, Buffalo Exchange is a thrift store that buys clothes too - so we packed up all of the clothes in our closets that either didn't fit or weren't worn anymore and drove down to Brooklyn to test our luck in the selling game. There was a little bit of a line (other hopeful vendors) and this nice woman went through all of our stuff, taking some and putting back others (and she did the "putting back" part very nicely might I add - there was no judgement of any kind, just "well, what we're looking for is stuff that pertains to current trends or really great basics or cool vintage" as she placed back an old H&M jacket into our suitcase). This is how it works: she would buy something, say a pair of jeans, and price it at $10 (the price at which people would buy it in the store) and tell us that we could either take 30% ($3, for the mathematically challenged) in cash home with us or we could have %50 ($5) to use in the store. We ended up taking the cash because the store was closing, but there was some amazing stuff in there! Tsubi jeans, Diesel, Rag & Bone, some amazing vintage shoes, more Nike Air's than I can count! Can't wait to go back when I have more time (and more clothes to recycle!). Highly recommended.

Song of the day: Bermuda - Kisses

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  1. That's awesome they made it to Brooklyn, they've been a San Diego Staple for MANY years!


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