Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art Nouveau

Just two things I saw recently that made me think... of what, exactly? I'm not sure, but I found myself in a state of "CANT. STOP. LOOKING" and thought I would share.

First is the new... eyebrow? trends? There seems to be a lot of eyebrow grooming going on, whether it be spiked peaks such as the below image, super thick à la Brooke Shields, a much darker shade or even such a light shade that they become almost invisible. Interesting...

The second is a photo that I can't figure out. I just can't look away. Perhaps its the long golden legs propped up against a parallel nude wall right next to a naturally beige rock formation or maybe it's the unusual desert backdrop in correlation with a Jane Fonda aficionado. Either way, I think it's a beautiful picture.

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