Thursday, March 11, 2010

FYI - Vitalic

FYI - I had lots of fun at the Vitalic show a couple weeks back in NYC (February 26th, to be exact) - great music although he was only there for what seemed to be the EXACT amount of time he signed up for - no encores, not much excitement to be there. Alas, the music was good and I was glad to be with some great friends (minus the slight tightness in the room - damn hipsters taking over the world!) Check out more pictures HERE (some are a little out of the ordinary (NSFW) as it was the infamous "Girl's Night Out" - aka Girls will do anything for a potentially free drink.)

Funny in the bathroom - probably the most efficient warning sign for drunken party-goers.

Pascal Arbez (I must've forgotten my professional lens at home).

The Franco-Italiano

(OLD!) Song of the day: My Friend Dario - Vitalic

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