Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re: Moschino

I did it! Yehhhh! Well, it wasn't quiiite that hard, but it took patience and a long back stretch sesh afterwards. Being hunched over like that for so long is not the best posture - Mikhail Baryshnikov would not approve. At first, I couldn't decide whether or not to use the gold - I was convinced that silver on grey (gray? damnit!) was the best, but I only bought two boxes of safety pins and was therefore sort of forced to use some of the gold ones to fill in the spaces that needed a couple extra. I think it came out well, although the pins are a slight bit heavy and make the wrap droop, but I've decided that: a. the wrap is supposed to be drappy-droopy and b. it will probably take me forever to take them all off and then reapply them to an article of clothing with more structure, so that project will have to wait. Also, I like the way this looks. I like the way this looks. I like the way this looks. Right? Ok, smile and nod...

Safety pins: $1 per box, Dollarama (aka. HEAVEN)

P.S. For you francophones out there, please note that Quebecois call safety pins "epingles de surete"! hihi!

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