Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Shop that is just so Top

TopShop. Described to me by a friend as "Forever 21 quality at Zara prices". I agree but only to a certain point. Ok, the quality isn't that fabulous and the prices are sky-high, but the ideas are there. TopShop has become, for me, a place of serious inspiration. I guess Kate Moss allows me to walk into a store choc-full of stuff that has been studded, pierced, cowled, jeaned, bleached, cut, draped, diagonal-ed, zippered, bowed etc... and see what's going on in the world. Also, it gives me some absolutely great ideas for DIY projects! The above shoes are so cute! The bows! The height! The colors! I love beige shoes - and these are so girly and fun!

I've always loved backless dresses - I think the back is one of the more beautiful body parts, especially on women, and showing it off is subtly seductive. I think I might make one of my own...

This jacket is amazing. First off, it's white - not so common, but so cool. The shoulders peak right at the line between Balmain and everyday blazers. The single button is also a great feature, although I might not have chosen it in gold.

Love. This. Jacket. Jean with a bad ass buttons and a bleach effect on angled cuts. So 80s with a 21st century flare.

Song of the day: Jan Turkenburg - In My Spaceship (Pilooski Remix)

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