Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Velvet is back

A classic velvet look... I wouldn't exactly recommend.

I want to call this trend-spotting but I'm not 100% sure yet. I've seen it around and I've seen it incorporated into every sort of outfit possible. Jackets, button-down shirts, small details on blazers, whole pants (no, I'm NOT talking about the tacky kind that give inappropriate superlatives to your derriere such as "tasty" or "Juicy") and shoes.

I think it's better to classify these as lounge loafers.
Christine Centenera, Fashion Editor at Australian Harpers Bazaar. I found her through Wide Awake Thoughts, who found her on aperfectguide.se. I find her stunningly classy and chic, just like her velvet dress.
Cropped jacket. $260 at TopShop. Thanks, Kate.

The trimming on the lapels adds sophisticated flare... DAMNIT D&G, why can't I buy you?

I like this Elizabeth and James version at $545. FYI: E&J = one of the Olsen Twins' lines, named after their siblings; how sweet of them to incorporate the other members of their family into their glamorous lives! (not bitter, promise)

As a final side comment, I'd like to note that I've seen several different versions of male-worn velvet. One friend has a wonderful velvet blazer with satin lapels, all in black. It's a really great jacket and looks classy, dressed up and dressed down all at the same time. Another has what we call the Hef (as seen in the first photo) - it's burgundy but thankfully doesn't look like he just walked out of the Grotto with seven Bunnies clad in ears and tails. I wish I had photo evidence of this back-and-shoulder-magic (It's all about the shoulders and back in a men's blazer, gentlemen (in my opinion)).

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