Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Glove, No Love

It's getting chilly. It's also getting dark at 4pm, which isn't so fun. But more important is the chilly part. Which is why I've decided to go around looking at the glove trends because, as we all know, keeping your extremities warm is the lynchpin to keeping your entire body warm. Above are my favorite gloves on the planet: Smittens. They're mittens for you and your significant other. Apparently, the woman who created them was walking in the mountains with her husband and tried to hold his hand but her mittens were too bulky and the hand-holding therefore wasn't very fun. She decided to create mittens wherein both their hands could fit. I'm not 100% sure she asked her husband how he felt about being in public this way, but I find them to be hilariously genius.
I tried on these soft and delicious cashmere gloves at UNIQLO a couple weeks ago, but decided against them because cashmere is soft and warm, but doesn't block the wind - therefore, they are useless for the extremities-theory.

I really do love the punky, short leather look, with cut outs on the knuckles - I think it has a certain edge yet stays feminine with the sleekness of the leather along slim fingers.

Fingerless gloves are also badass - although not ideal for the cold, they always look cool - I especially love the sparkly, studded ones by Valentino (the black ones on top are by Uncle Karl at Chanel).

Speaking of fingerless gloves, someone knit these interesting gloves, specifically designed for iPod and iPhone users...

These are another pair of interesting... gloves? Are those hands NAKED under those handerpants? (Ironically enough, I screen-captured the word "NEXT").
I really like these lacy ones - they definitely do absolutely nothing to protect your hands/arms from the cold and/or wind, but they look very pretty - 80s Madonna even. They're lacy and fragile and delicate.

These are what I've been seeing a lot of, though - long AND fingerless gloves. Think of them as the modern day leg warmer, for the arm.

So basically you should be opting for a nice pair of short, bad-ass looking leather gloves and a long pair of arm-warmers. Or, if you REALLY want to feel the burn, go for something more like this:
They seriously exist.

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