Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do not become bad from SHEER goodness

Here's a trend I've been noticing recently. I first saw it at Club Monaco at the shoulders of a tight black fitted (and semi-corsette-ish, if I recall correctly) top and yesterday at American Apparel. I love the sheer - it's delightfully reminiscent of lingerie in that it's a sexy sneak peak with out being too revealing (of course, this needs to be done gracefully and proportionally). The sheer-er does NOT equal the sexier.
The bumblebee look.
I really do like this look - and the heart shaped bust completes it. American Apparel has some other nice patterns for the dress as well. This one, however, is oddly reminiscent of that optical illusion where you're supposed to see the gray dots between the squares...

The next group of pictures are from the Charlotte Ronson Spring 2010 collection, and I find the injections of sheer material into the designs subtle and peek-a-boo feminine.

Ronson said her collection was meant to be "classic meets street". I especially love the reinvented sheer biker shorts and the sheer top with just the pockets acting as the bra. Sneaky-chic!
These are from the Alexander Wang S2010 show - sheer genius!

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