Monday, November 23, 2009

Inspiration DIY

Original look: Jak&Jil

The second I saw this I knew I needed to create a similar look. It's almost as if she were in Terminator or something and a layer of prosthetic skin was ripped off in an overly-aggressive battle, most probably involving some sort of automatic machine gun and/or flaming hot magma, revealing the inner mechanics of her robotic being. Anyway, in the words of Tim Gunn, I "took a trip to Mood" (although most definitely not on the same budget) and bought some studs. Ok, they DID have the larger, square ones, but I felt as though the smaller round ones were nicer and would look more detailed. Of course, this is something I regret insofar as it probably took me about 3 times longer to get them on the jeans than I would've had I bought the bigger ones. However, I am happy I got through them all - with a little motherly help of course, thanks mom! - although my left index finger seems to be permanently indented. Photos of the finished version to come soon. Take THAT Schwartzy!

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