Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rings of Valor

Disclaimer: no, I do not play World Of Warcraft nor am I a level-7 death knight (although I wish I had that kind of brute power).
This is a ring. Believe it. Love it. It's the ghettoblaster.

Today I will be discussing the magic of rings. Note: they're all silver and/or gold because there are too many rings in the world to get to all of them. Rings are small (and/or medium-sized, spiked, sparkly, excessively large, diamond-encrusted, gold, silver, platinum, round, square, dragon-shaped etc...) accoutrements for your delicate phalanges of love. Personally, I wear four rings everyday. I have a specific pattern of taking them off every night and putting all four back on in the morning. I have one gold snake coiled around my left ring finger, one golden criss-cross on my left middle finger, one silver slate on which is inscribed berber lettering on my right index and one silver mesh Tiffany's ring on my right middle finger. Of course, all have significant meaning - as do so many pieces of jewelry we each wear - which I will spare you of at this moment. I've looked around and I think I've come up with a nice set of rings that range from fun to funny to scary to beautiful to simply ridiculous (or ridiculously priced...).

The two-finger name ring I've wanted for so long. Too bad it's by Lauren Conrad - the Hills is like, totally, like NOT my fave. 
Pretty Gully rings - by Bijulesnyc. $177. Two-finger rings are straight bad ass though - you can kill two birds with one stone, or two fingers with one ring or one person with one punch to the face with this one ring on. Or, even better, with THIS ring on:
Now we get into bad-ass zone. Not quite Death Knights yet, but I'm pretty sure you could seriously injure someone with this. It's also beautiful and the studs in gold make it look hard and pretty all in one - now that's a two-fer. Kenneth Jay Lane Studded Dome Ring - $60.
I reaaaalllllly didn't want to go into engagement rings, but I just couldn't resist with this one. It's so simple and discreet and sweet and neat and ... he won't cheat? unless he wants to... eat? some ... wheat? or meat? 
DOPE ring. Also a great procrastination device and all around boredom prevention system. 
This one is stunning. And exceedingly expensive. Just my luck.
Same goes for this beauty.
Annnnnnnnd this one. Check them all out on the Barney's website.
And this one is my FAVE. put them together and they'll make the whole mouth! Edward cullen at your fingertips! MUAHAHHAHAHHA I GOT YOU NOW!
I found that one on - a great site with really cool items - some are blatantly morbid and some are literal translations of sweet metaphorical idioms: 

Get it? Wearing your heart on your sleeve? Or I guess here it's supposed to be on your cuff...

There are so many other rings that are worth mentioning, so I can't put them all but if I do see more that are insanely amazing, I will throw them on the pile.

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