Friday, November 6, 2009


Maybe it's all the Wonder Woman halloween costumes I saw last weekend, or it could be this picture I saw of Victoria Beckham that I can't seem to find, but I'm suddenly in love with cuffs. Not just one big bangle cuff, but two - one on each wrist. I know, it could potentially look like a scene straight out of Gladiator, but I think that when done correctly, they look classy with an edge. Wonder Woman's cuffs are très cool, but I did some looking around and I think I've got a nice little collection of potential wrist awesomeness.

I can't seem to find who created these leafy cuffs, but I love the twisty snake look around the wrist - I wish I could see the entire model's outfit because I would love to know what the stylists paired twin serpent leaves with.

I found this sparkly, studded cuff at ALICE+OLIVIA, on 41st between 5th and 6th, if I'm not mistaken. It has just the right amount of girly sparkles and punky spikes which I think looks great with a girly, frilly layered mini-dress and could definitely work with the simple jeans-and-a-t-shirt look.

These two are similar albeit the slight indent in the first one, but I think that the simple silver would be perfect over the wrists - shiny yet understated.

I must admit that this one's a little Gladiator-esque, but I love it anyway - it might also be hard to pull off and probably dangerous in some cases (WARNING: if you are the type of person who talks with your hands, do NOT wear this cuff, ESPECIALLY not on both wrists - double the pleasure is NOT double the fun here).

I think these are absolutely stunning - they have a North-Africa feel to them (like much of the jewelry I have from Morocco) and I love that the silver isn't finished - they're long and would probably cover about half of the forearm, I bet you could even wear them over a long-sleeved shirt or jacket.

Now. Let's talk about cuffs that are already on the jackets, or at the end of the sleeves:

This is Jessie. She's my brother's girlfriend from Australia and has the most amazing style. You can check out her blog: She also has the most amazing shoe collection, but that's for another day. Today, we're talking about the amazingness that is at the end of her sleeves. It looks heavy and fabulous and is exactly what I'm going to figure out how to DIY on one of my blazers.

Not the picture I was looking for (of the bracelets), but I think Victoria Beckham's style in this look is... other-worldly. Not to sound cliché or anything of course. I'm not 100% I would wear it, but it's interesting and certainly eye catching (almost as eye catching as those SHOES), and therefore deserves to be mentioned.

Once again - and I'm sorry I'm so bad at this - I forget what show this is from, but I love the collection of bracelets here - there's so many of them and they're so sparkly and shiny and delicious and I think they look great with all those geometrically shaped colors in the garment.

The military cuff is commonplace. But for Balmain, they are astonishing accompaniments to amazing shoulder pads and tiny waistlines. What I love about these "cuffs" are the color. They're almost industrial and raw. The silver is an almost grey, which I think is complimentary with the light color jean because it doesn't over power as a shiny, finished silver would.

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