Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mom's style from back in the day (1972)

a new DIY project

gap stripes

more gap stripe campaign

Stripes are all the rage. Although that expression never really was my favorite. "Rage", for me, implies a certain anger and viciousness, and my feelings about stripes are far from being described by those two nouns. Stripes have come back into style might be a better way of putting it. The new GAP campaign has clearly incorporated stripes, and these can be found all over their store: vertically, horizontally, in all different widths. I think that stripes are a nice, clean and modest pattern. They remind me of Brittany (in France) and the whole sailor look, which I, for some reason, associate with organization and cleanliness. I found the blue and white striped dress at H&M for about $20 and have decided to amp up the striped look a bit by adding some more military details (although the epaulette may be a bit too large to be called a "detail"). I found the blue patch, satin cream-colored rope and beige fringe at Fabricville in Montreal (for about $14) and will eventually sew them together. I love the plaid look that's been going around as well, but the stripes are an even better way to look casual yet put together at the same time. My great friend Shannon (below) is also a huge fan of the stripes - and we can't say she looks too shabby in them either!

Shannon (wifey!)

Laurent and his striped number

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  1. Yaya! Your blog is a dream ... so great to see you rocking your awesome style. I've added you to my blogroll (www.wideawakethoughts.wordpress.com) so I promise I'll pay you another visit soon. When are we going to see photos of you modelling the DIY striped shirt? Can't wait to see you in a month! x


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