Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As promised, here is my tidbit about stairs. I've put them down in my memo-book as one of the requirements in my dream-loft; preferably spiral, but now that I've done the research and seen the wide variety of possibilities, I am stumped. Some are practical, some are beautiful and some are downright weird. FYI: stairs consist mainly of a tread (the part you step on) and a riser (the vertical part).
Check these babies out:

This graffiti trompe-l'oeil is dope - I'd love to see it in person; it must be oddly unrecognizable at a different angle.

I'm going to start with the Apple store stairs because I find them to be phenomenal - they're clearly perfectly engineered and are consistent with the overall Apple aesthetic - beautifully simplistic with a modern flare.

These stairs are confusing to me but I find the fact that they float very trippy - if two people went up at the same time, would they meet at the cross-section? The dynamics of this one make me a little bit dizzy.

I find these floating stairs absolutely amazing - although I wonder how much weight they can take - I'd need a serious installation guarantee before ordering these babies.

These are wicked - if only I were a skateboarder and didn't look like a total poser with these in my apartment.

I'm not sure how these wibble-wobble, crooked stairs work, but they must make a game of Mouse Trap oddly realistic.

Simple and modern... leading to a MEZZANINE! Also, the photographer's lighting doesn't hurt.


I love the idea of a reading nook, but I think I prefer the idea of a reading staircase.

Wonderfully practical - although the open-organization might be too difficult for me to keep up.

The ability to hide clutter where no one will ever know it's literally right under their nose... or feet.

Another great multi-use set of stairs.

Wholly unnecessary? I think not - every pet needs help getting onto his or her private leather seating accommodations!

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