Saturday, October 10, 2009

no. way.

After a relatively gruesome midnight bus ride back home from Montreal - aren't they always? - I had about 3 hours to get to an internship interview in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It took about 2 hours to eat and get to my dad's office to change and look somewhat clean/not like I'd been playing sleep-contortion-opoly for the last 9 hours. Now, there are two bits of exciting news, the first being that I got the internship. The second is that THE STREETBOTS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD! I saw one on Grand Street in Williamsburg and was shocked to say the least - I wonder if they travel in packs! I guess I'll have to keep an eye open for the crazy critters...

UPDATE: Apparently these actually ARE all over the world! A friend who is traveling around North America told me he saw some in Toronto and Chicago as well!

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