Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let's take a stroll down...

Memory Lane actually exists and can be found in Greenwich, CT. I saw this and brought my car to a screeching halt to take some pictures. It's always interesting to see street signs that have double meanings or that pertain to one of life's many metaphors. Of course, this one is pretty tame unlike so many that can be found on the interweb (there are also some funny ones here: but I found it to be a very nice street name - minus all the predictable jokes the property owners of this street must deal with: "'Hey Bob, you want to take a stroll after dinner?' 'To where?' 'Oh, I think you know...'". Well, I drove down Memory Lane and I must say it was more of a curious adventure rather than a nostalgic experience. The scenery was there at least. And some insane (but typical) Greenwich mansions (apparently Tommy Hilfiger's house is not far).

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  1. Ahhhhh...memory lane. The path to things past, so sweet or bittersweet, full of humour or painfully sad. We carefully tread down that winding yellow brick path with trepidation and find ourselves in a world we thought was gathering dust in the cow webbed attic of our mind. And as we blow the dust away, we see our history through the muted filter of time, forgiveness and longing.


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