Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's call them streetbots, Montreal

Parc & Milton (south side)

Aylmer & Milton

These little guys can be seen around the McGill Ghetto in Montreal - usually in Frogger mode, in the middle of an intersection, trying to avoid traffic despite their immobile positions. They're made of some sort of thick glue, embossed into the pavement. Interestingly enough, each one's head is pointing in the same direction (east). One friend's oh-so-avant-garde theory is that they are being squashed by cars, symbolically suggesting the death of technology. Another ponders the technicalities; or more specifically the directionality, wondering where they are all going, who they are going to meet, what are they going to talk about (assuming they are going to a streetbot meeting, of course). In either case, these little dudes are corner-of-the-eye catchers; sweet reminders of simplistic creativity.


  1. Way to go!!! Apparently studded everything is the rage in Paris, or so a personnal source tells me. great blog. Can't wait for the other stuff.

  2. i always noticed these little things, what are they really?!?!

  3. Congreat, nice pic, good articles..I like it!


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