Sunday, October 25, 2009


I used to drive by this huge run down building that had enormous windows and overall amazing potential. I remember asking myself why I didn't have a billion dollars to buy, renovate and rent out (slash live in) it. Finally, however, someone slightly more financially adept stole my plan and has created quite the impressive location. It is now called The Banknote (check out for more), appropriately enough, as I am sure you will need more than a couple of those to rent in the building.

It's truly stunning, though, and I am putting it down as part of the requirements for where I want to live when I get an amazing loft. Other requirements include:
- a mezzanine (not the little baby ones, a giant one, where I could potentially put some sort of game room or a bedroom)
- a spiral staircase (preferably made of glass, like the ones at the Apple store (see future post about stairs) and very big because the small ones tend to make me dizzy)
- giant windows (I'm talking uber-big, as in obnoxiously large windows, I want them to take up the whole wall)
- a great view (perhaps something like this:)

After I went to the Banknote's website, I proceeded to check out other virtual Manhattan lofts and ended up on, a website that made me feel very poor. One of the more impressive apartments, at only $2 990 000, looks like this:

No big deal.

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