Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ze Ztuds - DIY (pt. 4)

I know, I know... you all can now breathe because of all of those overly anticipated and suspenseful moments!

These are the jeanz. With a z. With the ztuds. With a z. Z's make everything cooler - so do X's but they're harder to pronounce - I think they're pronounced [ch] in Mayan. I guess all the rare letters in Scrabble - you know, the ones that only have one wooden game-piece equivalent, that are worth a whopping 10 points - are automatically bad-ass letters and should be substituted for their phonetic equivalent in everyday words.


Jeans: H&M (probably about $40 or so, that's generally the price for their jeans - this particular style is called "SQIN" - also known as skinny)

Studs: Mood fabrics (to be said with in a low voice, imitation of Tim Gunn) - I think about $4/per bag of 50 or so.

Make it work!

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