Monday, December 14, 2009


Sounds like something Count Chocula would say in a deep, skeevy voice over a symphony of thunder and malicious laughter.

The Bust Holiday Craftacular, however, is not an event you will find in Transylvania or any other dracula-ridden place. Craftacular is a huge room filled with tables full of crafty trinkets, clothing, postcards, vintage jewelry, beautiful jewelry, fabulous jewelry, bad-ass jewelry and so much more. (Woah, jewelry is one of those words that gets really weird when you say it too many times - it's also oddly difficult to type). The Craftacular takes place at the Metropolitan Pavillion at 125 W. 18th in NYC once a year and I am more than glad I was able to get to it this year. There were over 200 vendors selling homemade pieces and it was absolutely wonderful.

I'd like to share with you some pictures (thank you, once again, to Kevin for the phabulous photos) and people with some of the craziest talent at the show:

Joanna Petrone, of Ach Ach Liebling

Love these.

Aaron Ruff, of Digby & Iona
Not too shabby.

There's a bird in that cage.

And a particularly amazing one:
Vera Balyura, of Verameat

Amazingly comfortable two-finger rings.

SICK ring.

Also, I don't have any photos of their clothes, unfortunately, but it's definitely worth checking out Photosynthesis - lots of fun tees, totes and vintage clothing with cute hearts that are all super soft (Alternative Apparel shirts), hand-printed, making them unique even if they have the same design.

I'm sad Craftacular only happens once a year, but I'm so happy I made it- on a whim nonetheless!

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