Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Vain DIY project (pt. 5)

I'm not going to lie but this photo-shoot stuff is kind of fun. That's my inner-Leo peeking out I'm sure. Or maybe it's my deep inner desire to BECOME THE NEXT POP SUPERSTAR. The looking through the pictures and editing the colors (ok, Kevin Colombu did that part) and seeing something I made in artistic and perfectly framed images is also kind of fun. Not so fun is clicking "publish post". I guess I find it too vain to have all these pictures of myself but, in my defense, these clothes are mine and therefore fit my being the way I like them to be fit. I guess what I'll have to do is start making clothes and shtuff to fit others so that I can make them the models! Who's in? :)

p.s. P. Diddy, if you're reading, I also sing and dance.

Blazer: Thrifty Shoppy! It's basically the magical epicenter of the universe, no big deal. $12.
Asian-inspired appliqué: again, one of those beads-n-stuff places in NYC fashion district (I'm going to guess somewhere around 37th & 7th or so - think 5 block radius) - it's actually a two-part piece that connects in the middle, meant to be a variation of a button, if you see what I mean (click on pictures to enlarge) - $8.

+ a peekaboo of my previously DIY studded jeans.

Song of the dizzay:
my new obsession = Erik Hassle.

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