Friday, April 16, 2010

Subodh Gupta

I first heard about Subodh Gupta via the amazingness that is TED. He was mentioned in Ravin Agrawal's talk entitled "10 Young Indian Artists to Watch", and spoken quite highly of as he is described the "Alphamale of contemporary Indian art". He "celebrates local and mundane objects globally and on a grander and grander scale by incorporating that into ever more colossal sculptures and installations." His works caught my eye, to say the least. I immediately had to Google him and see the pictures in a larger format than my iTouch's small screen. I quite love what he does and how he creates such a grandiose metaphor out of such seemingly unimportant everyday items. The messages he portrays about the health of his people and of the world are sent out via these glimmering sculptures and paintings that seems to be representative of both hope and despair. Recyclable genious.

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