Thursday, April 15, 2010

Isabeli Fontana x Harper's Bazaar Russia

My favorite thing in the entire universe is the Eiffel Tower. If I could eat, breathe, be the Eiffel Tower, I'm pretty sure I would. I've always been so seduced by it for some reason. Perhaps because it's so uniquely grandiose and universal - if you were to transcribe it into a "he" or "she", I wouldn't classify it in either category. It's really aimed to please everyone, aesthetically speaking. Which is why I love Harper's Bazaar Russia's March 2010 shoot featuring Miss Fontana. Gorgeous girl with gorgeous monument, who could ask for more?

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  1. You are so right, both are beautiful. The girl for obvious reasons: tall, regular features, striking bone structure (all her bones!). But then isn't it the same for the Eiffel Tower? there IS something so fascinating about it. Is it because of it's heigth, it's raw geometry, the fact that it stands (almost) alone in a park next to a river in a big bustling city or lt's simple ultra modern, super technical Lego-like dark metal structure in a city where blond, softly rounded intricate carved stone buildings prevail.
    What a great post.


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