Friday, April 2, 2010

The Fringe

The Fringe. Now that's a title for an amazing horror movie. Or alternative hipster rock band.
This is a trend I noticed a couple months ago that seems to be blooming at the moment. Yesterday, I saw a girl wearing the fringe leather leggings (pictures below) - I wish I would've stopped her (it was the morning rush, though).

I like the look - Pocahontas meets bad-ass. Wait, scratch that - Pocahontas was bad-ass! You don't fight the enemy with your heart and soul (and canoe) and get the guy in the end without bad-assness, after all!

Top Shop

Sweet skirt.

Thank you, H&M.

A fringe room!


  1. I never liked fringe before but I have recently quite literally bought into it. I like it in some forms now


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