Monday, November 22, 2010

Margiela - Untitled

Perfume recommendation of the month: Maison Martin Margiela's "Untitled" (of course they named it that). I'm pretty sure it's unisex (it would be), although one of the brand's perfume marketing coordinators told me that this was "debatable". The scent came out in the beginning of the year, but I've only just gotten around to appreciating it. It's a very interesting smell made with galbanum, lentiscus, orange blossom, incense and white musk. It has a sweet burnt wood feel to it. I've been wearing it all day and I really enjoy it (not to mention have gotten about ten "what's that perfume?" today). The bottle is interesting as well; designed in collaboration with Fabien Baron, it stays true to the simplicity of the brand. The slight greenish tint of the perfume itself goes nicely with the bottles shape, too. Perhaps I'm looking at a perfume switch?

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  1. Definitely going to snif at this perfume :)



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