Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FIAC 2010

The FIAC is an international art fair that takes place every year in Paris. The Grand Palais (lieu of several Chanel runway shows, including the spectacular FW2010 that featured slabs of imported ice to complement a bevy of fur clad models) presents hundreds of Galeries from around the world. 20th and 21st century visual arts are the only movements included in the FIAC, making it quite the colorful experience. Over 80 000 visitors enjoy the FIAC every year at three main sites: Grand Palais, Cour Carée du Louvre and the Jardin des Tuileries. There was even some Subodh Gupta! (Remember that post?) Ok. Enough background. Let's get to the visuals! An occular fiend, I am.

I think I'll organize the next few posts by gallery:

G a l e r i e D e n i s e R e n e

I particularly enjoyed the work of Walter Leblanc - simplistic canvas with a twist. Denise Rene seems to be all about a minimalistic take on innovation.

Anne Blanchet caught my eye as well - I'm quite the fan of works that make me look and think twice about how it was produced. This may seem like simple elevations in the canvas, but are actually precise incisions that mark the desaturation of light.

This one I absolutely love. Jesus Rafael Soto is a new favorite. A play on space and mass, these thin strings create the effect of elevation of the sphere they are attempting to hold up. The overall weighted effect of the peice is amazing in conjunction with the lightness of the individual parts.

I've contacted the gallery to find out the name of the artist who created this geometrical sculpture, so we will have to wait on biographical details. I love the dimensions of this - partly wall, partly extention, fully 3D. Once again, the simplicity of the white on white is something that attracts me to these peices.
UPDATE: This last one is by Mehdi MOUTASHAR.

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