Friday, May 14, 2010

Chanel Cruise 2010

Here are some of my favorite looks from today's Chanel Cruise 2010 show - Merchant of Venice. There's a mix of early 1900's silhouettes with 30s hair and Byzantine details, which are all subtly beautiful but my all time favorite part of the show? The shoes! They're fabulous.

Watch the show with some fabulously dramatic music here.


  1. Hey there!
    I noticed you commented on the Jak & Jill blog
    The girl in the pic is wearing sQ leather pants... sQ is the anti-diffusion label of myPetsQuare.
    You can see the rest of the range here: and also be sure to check out both our blogs! and

    PS LOVE your blog!!!

  2. Thanks so much!!! :)
    Checked out sQ - there's some really great things on there!
    Will be visiting often to keep updated on that! :)


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