Monday, September 19, 2011

Magazine Antidote - The Shoe Issue

"At times to increase our height, at times to improve our confidence, heavenly are these objects we put on and that majestically come and protect, magnify our feet that are neglected but are of paramount importance. The keen and well-thought-out choice of the ornament then symbolizes what borders on the intimate. Since it has been invented, and even though its purpose has evolved since then, shoe carries and endures without a word. This is this essential fashion accessory we have dedicated this Antidote.

Guest artist for this special issue, Giampaolo Sgura is a fashion photographer whose work is appreciated across the world. His eye -- accurate and passionate -- allows him, indeed, to express aptly his proclamed love for classic elegance. Legacy of Italian culture, his vision of the woman is a mix of sensuality, feminity and glamorous. Meanwhile, the man has to be manly, virile and protective. Enthusiastic and generous, Giampaolo did not run out of energy and spontaneity in achieving this publication devoted to the shoe for which he has claimed all the beauty."

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