Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cody Chestnutt x La Bellevilloise

Last night was an evening full of great live music - Cody Chesnutt live at La Bellevilloise in Paris. The band was great (14 musicians were present onstage!), the sound was great, Cody was amazing. A man of great stature, he walked onto the stage and immediately went for the crowd, shaking hands, greeting the fans. He even invited married couples onstage for a song about commitments. The best part was that he only did new songs (perhaps to dissuade the local Parisians from singing along with a bad accent? Doubtful but hilarious.) Talking to the band afterwords was a breath of fresh air, as well. Everyone seems so chill, family-like, even though this was apparently only their sixth performance as an ensemble. Native Floridians, they definitely brought some heat to an otherwise chilly, snowy and slushy Parisian night. Dope!

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